Posted: August 28, 2012 in My Queer Life
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I just realized that it’s been almost 4 months since I came out to my parents. It’s still a weird feeling to know that they know…

Any way, a bit has happened since I last posted. I’ve lost a ton of sleep due to two things, one, my ADHD meds, and two, my paranoia. I wish I wasn’t so easily prone to it, but hey, nothing I can do about that right now. But other than sleep deprivation, home life is pretty great. I can talk to my mom more freely about things and she doesn’t ask me why I am the way I am any more, which is more than alright with me.

  1. Meike says:

    That’s so relieving to hear! =] Also, do you still need me to send you my binder?

    I mention my giveaway to you in this video. Also, I will send an unused package of ACE, but with it comes my obligatory: BE CAREFUL!!!! I’m highly skeptical of ACE just because it can be so damaging, even if used correctly. But I figured, I don’t need it, and maybe in a worst case scenario you could. All I need is your address. Which you can e-mail me. I promise, I’ll forget it as soon as I send the package!

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