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… I hate forgetting passwords. Anyway, hi everybody. Lots and lots of new things have developed within these… however long I’ve been gone.

First of which, I’ve changed my preferred name (after a long period of nothing but thinking…) I have decided on Noah, and I don’t feel flip-floppy about this name 🙂

Second, I have a girlfriend. She is so cute, and adorable!!

Third, both of my sisters are supportive/semi-supportive of my transgenderness. It’s really nice when your younger sister openly uses male pronouns when referring to you 🙂 Though, the brother who knows about my coming out doesn’t support it at all… I have to say, if/when he finally calls me his brother, I think I’m going to cry. The two of us have been going at it since I told him. It kinda sucks, cause before I came out, we were really close. My other brother doesn’t know, which sucks, cause I think he would be like my sisters in this.

I hate winter (this is nothing new of course). The snow has begun to stick to the ground and is making all my joints hurt more than they already do.

And getting tendonitis sucks!!!!