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Posted: July 16, 2012 in My Queer Life
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Happy birthday to me!! Hard to believe I’m 18, I still feel like a high school freshman. When I finally finish high school, I’m gonna go job hunting and, hopefully, find one that interests me….

When I finally get done with school, I’m also gonna change my name to my prefered name (Alexander Matthew Scott).

Anyway, looking forward to the next week of crazy-ness and a weekend in Wisconsin.


I feel weird. I’ll be turning 18 in 4 days and I┬áhave really mixed feelings about growing up. I want to, I mean I REALLY want to, but my mom was right about something, I am naive (not about my gender though). I have no idea about how I’m going to do this, but then again I guess a lot of people in my situation feel the same thing every once in a while.

Aside from that, I have no idea of what I want for my birthday. My grandparents called and asked me what I wanted. I would have told them guys clothes cause I am lacking in my more masculine attire, except my grandparents don’t know I’m trans.

Anyway, summer school is “fun” (SUPER-sarcasm there). I have to take geography, health, and gym, and I still have to take one more class during the fall semester.

Anyway, hope everybody has a good summer.